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The Reaper Lookbook

Prepared by Cheyenne Gardner


The Reaper is a television series created by Sheena Vaught that explores the concept of the blood avenger found in The Book of Numbers chapter 35.



A game of clue is being played between the police and The Reaper, however The Reaper is faster and executes justice in his own way.  From the law of the Israelites a blood avenger must be appointed to each town to make sure blood for blood is answered. Boiling Springs has its own blood avenger that arises after the unthinkable happens.

This series will take its audience on a ride of murder, mystery and spirituality to solve the questions that arrive in the first episode. Who is Dower Vincent? Where did he come from? How did he kidnap Rebekah Moore? Who’s Sangre? How does he stay ahead of the police? Who is detective Robert Moore? Why didn’t Alexis see Dower in her dream of Rebekah?

This anthology series will follow the idea of the Blood Avenger in the 21st Century and centuries before as well as the origins of the new Avengers after the law.


The Reaper is a police drama that is geared toward the evangelical community that explores elements of the Bible that reign true in their lives. To delve into these biblical concepts and practices with the story of The Reaper opens doors for more storytelling and filmmaking in the Christian arena.

Scarlet Reign Film Trilogy

Scarlet Reign is about a female superhero who has the power to heal.  It's a film trilogy by Sheena Vaught that explores faith and relationships while Scarlet carries the burden in trying to save lives.



A prayer through faith can allow us to witness a miracle and tap into the supernatural. This is the story of Scarlet. She has faith the do the impossible and she believes without a shadow of a doubt that God is real, and the power given by Christ is for her to operate in.


The story of Scarlet follows the modern-day superhero genre, but Scarlet doesn’t consider herself a hero she’s just trying to tell the people the good news before it’s too late. This is also a story about family and two sisters who grew apart but will come back together united as a force to be reckoned with for good on earth.

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